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 A Cleaning Queendom LLC 

While talking with my co-worker Lupe about our office cleaning details, A spark ignited within me about the importance of a clean and healthy work space. We all know we thrive better in a clean and healthy environment, it makes our production better, we are more focused and... it looks good too! It also can be a preventative measure against germs and illnesses which may occur in untidy spaces whether is at home or in the office. Thus birthing the idea of "A Cleaning Queendom" A Cleaning Service designed by the People for the People! Most of all A Cleaning Queendom has YOUR NEEDS in mind.

We Have Happy Customers

It's our purpose and pleasure to make sure our customers are happy with the services provided by A Cleaning Queendom. Whether at home or in your office, we serve with integrity and mindfulness. We have a loving connection with our customers. With services from A Cleaning Queendom, customers are free from the stress that comes from feeling there's not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything including cleaning! They rest easy knowing A Cleaning Queendom has their backs. That is what makes a HAPPY CUSTOMER!

Why Us?

A Cleaning Queendom is TRUSTED. We provide quality services on time every time! We are the answer to ALL your cleaning needs. No matter how big or small the job. Our main objective is customer satisfaction with a smile. We use "Green- Friendly" product to insure our customers of a toxic-free service. Above all we LOVE what we do! Making your life easier. Our job is to do your dirty work!

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